Speaker Profiles

Stefan Wahlstedt is Project Co-ordinator at Malmö Learning Centre

Knud Schulz has been the manager of the Main Library in Aarhus since 1987. During the past years, The Main Library in Aarhus has focused on transforming routine library services from being staff driven into carrying a high level of user self-service. The library development strategy on staff competencies is the support of user processes and development of the interactive library supporting both lifelong- and experience based learning.  Currently, the Main Library is working with transforming from the familiar library in the building from 1934 to the Urban Mediaspace, which will be ready by the end of 2014.

Pirkko Lindberg,  s Director of Library services at City of Oulu, a city of 190,000 habitants in Northern Finland. Our library consists of a main library, three district libraries and 19 branch libraries.  I have a long career in libraries, I started working in Oulu 1982 and have been doing all kind of library jobs since. I have been a director of a small municipal library, a head of management department in Oulu university library, Oulu for 5 years and since 2007, Director in Oulu City Library. My interests in developing libraries include partnerships, co-operation with other players, new working methods and the future of public libraries. How do we cope in future, when there are new challenges, like e-books, young people who don’t use libraries so much anymore and the elderly people with more leisure time etc.?

Leikny Haga Indergaard is theDirector of the Public Library of Bergen, Norway.  The city of Bergen have about 285, 000 inhabitants, the library have 6 branches  and two prison libraries.  I have worked in the field of public library services for over 25 years. The most important of my former positions is the Director General of the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, Director at the National Library of Norway; County librarian at Rogaland County      Library and Director at Stavanger Library and Culture Center. In her professional career I have worked with strategies and planning for public library services both on a local, a regional and a national level.  I also have substantial experiences covering a wide range of library areas, from services to children and young adults, project in reading and promotion of literature, digital services, statistics , strategic planning and management, and cooperation between libraries,  museums and archives.

Marian Morgan-Bindon is Manager Library Services and Cultural Development at City of Gold Coast, the second largest public library services in Australia and is currently Chair of the IFLA Public Libraries Section.  The City has recently opened three new libraries over a 6 week timeframe.

Boris Zetterlund , Axiell  “Boris’s particular areas of interest include: Library change processes; the user experience; how the physical library translates to the virtual room; the relationship of public libraries to other cultural services and to the community; the potential for cross-domain services; the library service as a force for creativity and change; the library as a stage (both physically and virtually). ”


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